Choosing Alegria Nurse Shoes to Prevent Fatigue While Standing and Walking for Long Shifts

One of the most important things a nurse can do to avoid fatigue during long shifts is to buy some high-quality comfortable shoes that provide plenty of support. These shoes don’t have to be boring or unflattering in appearance. Shopping for a brand like alegria nurse shoes allows nurses to find attractive, colorful shoes that are suitable for being on the feet much of the workday. Many nurses like to wear clog or slip-on styles that they can easily kick off while sitting behind a desk or during a work break, as long as that is allowed by the medical facility in which they work. Others prefer shoes in a sneaker style.

There’s an old saying about how someone can’t really know what it’s like to be another person until after walking around in that person’s shoes. People may have no idea how hard nurses work unless they follow one around a hospital or other medical facility for a few days or nights. They had better wear shoes that nurses recommend for many hours of standing and walking. Most nurses spend more time on their feet than they do sitting. Many of these health care professionals put in 10 or 12 hours a shift, making comfortable shoes essential.

A new nurse, who may be unaccustomed to this type of regiment, may want to practice beforehand with a few styles of shoes to learn which feel best when standing and walking for long periods. Most nurses do a fair bit of walking rather than standing in one place; the one exception might be surgical nurses. Nurses who have tried wearing a pedometer to track the amount of walking they do during one shift are often surprised at just how many miles they travel within one medical facility.

It’s not just a person’s feet that become uncomfortable when wearing inadequate shoes for the job. Sore feet tend to make the worker change posture in ways that make the knees, legs, hips and back hurt. By the end of the shift, the nurse is exhausted, and probably not looking forward to coming back in the next day. The right shoes prevent pain and fatigue.