Take the Time out of Planning for Reading Lessons

One of the greatest gifts that a teacher or home school parent could receive is the gift of time. Creating more time for people that are teaching reading is the goal of many online teaching resource websites. The idea is that professionals create teaching and learning units that are designed to be purchased and used immediately. This takes out much of the time needed to plan and prepare lessons. One of the best examples of this type of service can be found by looking at these thank you mr falker activities. This is an engaging and interesting story that is written at a second grade level.

One of the goals of any reading teacher is to help students understand what they are reading. As students get older, what they are expected to understand about a story steadily increases in rigor. Using well prepared lessons that are targeted to reading standards is the best way to help students progress. The lessons included for Thank You Mr. Falker accomplish this goal. One of the lessons helps students focus on the author’s purpose for writing the story. When students can analyze why an author chose to write the story in a certain way, they are able to gain a much deeper understanding of the story.

Another aspect of reading comprehension addressed through these lesson plans is that of making inferences. Inferring involves figuring out certain things about a story that are not directly stated. This is a higher level thinking skill that can really help students move forward with their level of comprehension. Demonstrating empathy for a character in a story, or “walking in the character’s shoes” is another great strategy to help students improve their reading comprehension. This pack of lesson plans also includes a few lessons that address this skill.

Vocabulary is a huge part of reading comprehension and it is always a good idea to instruct students on how to figure out difficult words. One strategy for vocabulary instruction is to teach students about prefixes and suffixes. When students can understand how a prefix or suffix changes the meaning of a word, they begin to increase their vocabulary and understand books written at more difficult levels. This bundle of lesson plans includes vocabulary instruction to meet this need.