Teaching Music History

Teaching Music History is a very difficult task. You face the stigma that most history teachers face. Most students attribute any kind of history to that of boredom and repetition. They mainly feel this way because music history is a subject which mostly has a lot of theory, and have little scope for practice. Students thus, feel bored. Also, the topics are extremely vast, and you often have a lot to cover. This makes kids feel bored to go through it all.

However, this is one of the most crucial aspects to any kind of musical education. It is only by knowing the history of old and famous eras of music that students will be able to appreciate the modern instruments of today. These instruments weren’t created in a day – it took several centuries of modifications to give them their present shape. They need to understand this, and also know the role of technology in shaping music.

Teaching Music History needn’t always be boring. With the help of tools like flashcards, worksheets and lesson plans you can ensure that your students learn sufficiently enough. Here, it is not the quantity that matters, but quality. What is really important is to ensure that students are able to relate what you are teaching them to the music they listen to or play in their everyday lives. It is very important that students must enjoy the learning process.

You can give a new life to your classes while teaching Music History. Include some fun activities in them. You could, for instance, ask your students to find some old records which their parents or grandparents may have. You could then ask them to play their favourite pieces from these, and ask them to identify the tunes and the notes in these songs you could also ask them more technical questions depending on what you have taught them.